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SMITH First – Make it Last

SMITH First, Make it Last

If you are going to take the time to prepare something as intricate as this coated surface, why not SMITH it first to make it last?

Smith First Make it Last

Any contractor can make a floor or pavement coating or overlay look good.  Only an experienced contractor knows how to get a job to last through intensive surface preparation, called SMITHing.

To make coatings last requires an investment by both the contractor and the specifier in the proper preparation of the surface prior to the coating installation. SMITHing the surface prepares it to assure the coatings mechanically bond to the surface permanently.


Simply painting over an existing surface, like the sealed-asphalt surface in this project, offers no assurance that the coatings will remain in place. In fact, painting over existing coatings, grease, oils, micro-cracked and inconsistent surfaces will cause bond failures, especially under shear traffic loads.


To get the surface to last, the customer must specify – as a separate bid line item – the required surface conditions prior to the coatings installation. The 5 surface preparation steps are called SMITH FIRST, and include:

  1. Inspecting the surface condition
  2. Creating the right consistent surface profile pattern (SP 1-10)
  3. Repairing any unsound surface
  4. Cleaning and drying the surface
  5. Inspecting the surface to assure it is ready to accept the new material.

If you are going to take the time to prepare something as intricate as this coated surface, why not SMITH it first with clear surface preparation specifications, quality equipment and experienced contractors that will get the surface in the right condition to accept the coatings for a permanent installation.


The work that you don’t see is the most important phase of the project.

For complete details, please contact your local authorized SMITH Representative.
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