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SMITH FS351 Groove-Inlaying Preform Tape

SMITH FS351 15” Self-Propelled Surface Preparator Groove-Inlaying 3M-brand Preform Tape.

If you are looking for a cost-effective method to install markings flush with the surface and meets the 3M brand installation specifications, consider the SMITH brand FS351 outfitted with dry-cut “ultra-premium-life” stacked diamond blade drum assembly.



The equipment is designed to precisely groove a controlled slot at uniform cut depths leaving a consistent SP 2 – 3 level surface profiles at the base, ideal for preform tape installations. The FS351 is the heaviest and most powerful equipment available, offering the widest removal cut path of 15” with accurate depth, straightness and width controls to assure consistent finishes ideal for any straight line from 4” to 90” wide. A vacuum system, such as the SMITH MV-1000S, can be connected to the FS351’s dual vacuum ports to control dust and debris from the removal operations.

One of the benefits of the SMITH FS351 is its new machine design, operational controls, vacuum pick-up, and weight assures that the machine will remain in the cut path producing accurate depth feed rates and straight removal passes without bouncing. Additional cut width passes can be controlled by lowering the front guide wheels so a 24” stop-bar or 60” airport markings requiring 2 to 4 passes are uniform in depth.


If you are planning to recess preform or other durable markings and are looking for a cost-effective solution, the SMITH FS351 is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

For pricing and availability, please contact your SMITH Representative today!

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