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SMITH Manufacturing is taking off… airfield markings!



plus highway and parking markings with quality striping contractors!

SMITH Manufacturing is taking off

Erasing . . . Makes the Bad GOOD

Airfield operations like DFW have found a faster, more cost-effective way to remove thickly painted markings (a hazardous FOD source) from concrete and asphalt surfaces.

They have qualified striping contractors – like Ben Ives of Hi-Lite Markings, remove multiple layers of reflective paint with a SMITH X3 Rotary Eraser.

“It quickly removes years of paint stripe build-up without unsightly grooves or ghost lines.  The SMITH X3 Eraser also removes without water, so unsealed surfaces are never undermined by high-pressure blasting. Plus, work can be performed in all climates, year-round.”

Taking off markings by erasing never looked so good.


Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013
MCO, Orlando International Airport – Juliet Runway 17L-35R
Learn how Ben and others Erased-it FAST on concrete and asphalt without grooves or FOD, click here


The SMITH X3 Eraser will be taking off again! This time it’s the paint on the MCO Taxiway, leaving a bevel-edge, water-blast-like profile. SMITH X3 Rotary Eraser

Not SMITHing? It’s Not Lasting!

SMITHing assures removal success – achieving the correct profile by using the proper equipment, cutter tools and removal process when taking off or replacing markings. When you SMITH first (clean, dry, texturize), surfaces become safer and last longer.

Since 1990, SMITH Manufacturing is the world’s leading brand of fast and easy removal equipment and cutter tools that hard-working contractors use to prepare their hard surfaces – on time and under budget.

To learn how you can make your bad GOOD on airfields, highways and parking areas, contact SMITH today, or visit SMITH Manufacturing at


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