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SMITHing for Superior Surfaces

Surface Preparation aka SMITHing

SMITHing the surface

Surface preparation is the process by which a surface is physically treated to enhance the bond strength of any newly installed material, using an appropriate surface-preparation method (i.e., scarifying, blasting, erasing, grinding, milling, shaving, etc.). Proper preparation produces a surface that is sound, clean and profiled, enabling the new material to strongly adhere to it.

Improper surface preparation leads to failure of the coating and marking material, resulting in expensive repairs, compromised safety, and the inconvenience to those who use and work on the surface.

SMITHing would have avoided this

The surface-preparation phase in most contract plans are vague, and without clearly mentioning the specific SP1 to SP10 profile requirements, the job will not be properly completed.

When surface preparation is clearly defined as SMITHing, and separated from the contract as a separate line bid item, the work will be completed in the correct manner.

SMITHing is defined as achieving the highest level of surface-preparation readiness. The result is a sound, clean, dry and consistent profile finish, achieved by using the correct removal equipment, cutter tools and application process.

Don’t let your surfaces fail. Contact your SMITH Representative today to learn more.

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