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Why SMITHing will save your life!

SMITHing is a Lifesaver

If you want your new-borne coating system to live a healthy, safe, and productive life, simply SMITH the surface prior to delivery. Yes, SMITHing will save the life of your coating… and here’s why.

SMITHing could have prevented this

Coating failure due to lack of proper surface preparation

Everyone expects the best outcome when the job is performed. Yet, in less than a year, all hopes and markings fade with the passing of winter. Starting with the beginning of life, when the binder system has just been compounded and ready to be delivered on the surface, the newly formed marking may appear bright and strong early on, but look underneath the stripe. Then ask yourself, am I really doing everything I can to help it survive, and last its entire engineered life?

SMITHingLike proud parents protecting their newborn child from danger, the specifier and contractor must also protect their creation. A traffic cone may by properly placed to protect the coating from being trampled on by hot tires and footprints until its fully cured. A broom or blower is commonly used to clean off the ugly surface dirt from the tracks of the newly applied coating. But as ‘parents,’ are we doing enough to go beyond just birthing, and actually giving it all we can so our coating lasts?

Here’s why SMITHing first will help the coating stand the test of time.

SMITHing the surface first assures the installed coatings have the best chance for survival past the first year. SMITHing conditions the surface to the correct profile, so any coating – from paint, epoxy, urethanes, and polyurea, to cold and hot plastics, preform tapes, and others – will bond permanently.

SMITHing assures the surface is not just clean and dry, but also profiled and sound. Those are the missing elements which need to be specified on each contract to assure your new-borne coating survives.



There is no faster way to end the life of a surface coating or pavement marking than to shortcut surface preparation. To learn how you can save a life by SMITHing, please contact your SMITH Representative today.

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