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Special Report for Stripers and Coating Contractors

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It is in everyone’s best interest to assure surfaces are properly cleaned, dry, sound and profiled prior to applications. The burning question everyone wants answered, . . . Who is responsible for the marking or coating failures, if the work is not clearly specified?
If you are looking to sharpen your contracting skills, improve your knowledge base, or simply earn more getting your coatings or pavement markings to last, download these free reports to help you answer these questions:

Share your Experiences:

Are you getting paid for the prep work you are now doing? Please share your experiences by answering these questions.

1) How are you getting paid for the work, not specified, on your contracts?
2) What type of surface-prep work are you now giving away?

3) Do you ask for a change order when the surface is not in the same condition as described in your bid documents?
4) What steps do you take, to prevent bond failures, when the surface is too porous or too smooth?
Find out how your organization compares with others who perform surface-preparation work on concrete or asphalt. Take our short Organizational Check-up Survey!
SMITH University
  • Have a removal problem? Get the proven solution! … read more
  • Achieve all 10 surface profiles on concrete or asphalt … read more
  • An “A-Ha!” moment explains why stripes fail …  read more
Remove Faster News
Remove Faster News is a publication that shares best practices and information to help anyone looking for a faster and easier way to prepare hard surfaces. Click here for your free subscription. We also welcome your ideas and feedback.You’re also welcome to join our Xtreme Removal Team to help show you how to create quality surfaces. 

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