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Surface Profiles

Surface Profiles

surface profiles

This 22 minute video helps the specifier and the contractor select the right equipment to best help them prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces prior to markings, as well as permanently remove pavement markings with minimal pavement scarring.

In the video, we reveal the surface profile (SP) chart to serve as a visual representation of desired surface textures, roughness, and general appearance on concrete or asphalt.

Each profile has a corresponding number, ranging from SP1 (nearly flat) to SP10 (extremely rough). The creation of a surface profile can be accomplished with a variety of tools, equipment and materials, and requires a specification to select the desired SP range, dependent upon the type of overlay system and material thickness to be installed.

Having these SP numbers noted in the contract plans assures that all parties get what they expect regarding the stripe or repair materials to be installed, or to match the outlying surface area when the prior stripes are removed without creating grooving or ghost lines.

For more details please contact your SMITH Representative.

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