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Watch Videos on the Best Prep Tools You Don’t Know You Were Missing

Surface Prep Made Easier

If you are a striping or flooring contractor that prepares concrete or asphalt surfaces, here are the two best-rated prep tools – the Diamond Shaver and Rotary Eraser.

#1. Diamond Shaver is the best prep tool for (1) groove-inlaying markings; or, (2) removing high spots, overlays, and failed surfaces without micro-cracking concrete or asphalt surfaces.polishing

The best diamond shaver is the SMITH FS351 Surface Preparator.  Available in electric, gas, propane, or hydraulic (FS391) power, when outfitted with a diamond shaving drum – produces uniform and consistent dimensional width, depth, straightness, and surface finish profile with minimal vibration and maximum speeds.

Watch our 8-minute video on the ownership benefits here.

#2 Rotary Erasing is the best dry-prep process for (1) permanent removal of markings without ghost lines or surface undermining; and, (2) removing bumps or thick film coatings while leaving a consistent surface profile.

prep tools

The best stripe eraser is the  SMITH X Series Dry Rotary Eraser.  Powered by gas, electric, or hydraulic (X1, X3), when The X Series is outfitted with up to 7 styles of quick-changing cutting tools for the material to be removed (and required final surface profile finish SP1-SP10), the results are simply amazing.

If you think you need a waterblaster to cleanly remove stripes, coatings, and markings, think again – and think savings with a SMITH Dry Rotary Eraser. You can save time, money, water, and your surface.

Watch this short video here of the X3, powered by a Bobcat Toolcat, removing airfield markings.

If you don’t own one of these two high-performance tools to prepare your concrete or asphalt surfaces, please contact your SMITH Representative now to learn now you can.

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