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Better Than Waterblasting

better than waterblasting

Waterblasting vs. Rotary Erasing:

Doewaterblastings Rotary Erasing offer a better stripe removal solution than waterblasting?

Short Answer: Yes.

Erasing performs better than water on unsealed surfaces when stripes are thicker than 30 mils.

The Georgia Department of Transportation even gave a thumbs up to Rotary Erasing after seeing Travis Steed’s work with Mid State Striping.

Travis had a project requiring the removal of thermoplastic by waterblasting only. Travis had a problem that the water-blast sub-contract move-in cost of $5,000.00 was too high for the short amount of removal work required (200 SF of intersection markings). So, Travis contacted SMITH Manufacturing to find a low-cost solution that would satisfy GADOT engineers.

The state required waterblasting, but was open to alternatives. GADOT was convinced that waterblasting offered a cleaner solution with minimal road scarring. The state had prior pavement marking removal projects that left deep grooving, and didn’t want it repeated.

After answering a few questions from the SMITH Selection Guide, the answers pointed to the SMITH LNX8 Rotary Eraser, outfitted with an Erase-it 24-pin cutter assembly. This setup was designed for his surface application of thermoplastic markings on aged asphalt.

Travis  ordered – and quickly received – the portable, walk-behind Line Eraser. He performed some practice work at his shop by setting the cut depth, pitch, anLNX8-angledd pressure to get the removal settings dialed in before going to the jobsite. After he was satisfied with the results, he asked the job inspector to meet him on location for approval. After a few adjustments, Travis pushed the machine over the removed stripes and in several passes, the stripes were gone, leaving a surface pattern that was pleasing to the DOT.

It only took the DOT 5 minutes to approve the removal method for his job. Travis then completed his work. A vacuum system contained all of the airborne dust, and the remaining inert debris was collected with a broom. Because the removal application was dry, new striping was immediately applied, and the road surface was opened to traffic.

The reason Rotary Erasing performs better than water in this case is due to the SMITH Eraser’s unique rotary planetary rotation, and variety of cutter tips that will control the cut depths to remove only the markings. Any sharp-edge pavement grooving when taking up stripes is also eliminated when the swivel wheels are engaged.  If the road condition is open and the markings are thick, using a waterblaster would cause surface undermining.

GA DOT test GA DOT test

Although Travis doesn’t do frequent DOT work, he now has a cost-effective DOT-approved removal solution, thanks to SMITH Erasers.

To get more details on Travis’s project, or other stripe removal jobs favoring rotary or drum-style removal systems, please contact your Authorized SMITH Representative.

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