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With a complete product line of over a dozen styles of removal machines, in gas, electric and hydraulic, SMITH Manufacturing sets the standard in the industry for helping users remove faster, safer, more cost-effectively while achieving best finishes. In-house manufacturing of machines, cutters, and custom parts assures that SMITH customers receive the highest-quality, ultra-premium-grade best performance and on-time delivery. Continual product improvement and updating exceed the user’s critical removal needs. SMITH brand removal equipment is desired by contractors looking for a competitive edge. If you don’t see your equipment style listed, contact us so we can source or build it for you.

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FS050™ Handheld Scarifier

Handheld Scraifier
The SMITH brand FS050™ is the #1 Handheld High-Performance Edger for hard-to-reach edging applications that’s fast, rugged and lightweight. For concrete, asphalt or steel surfaces.
FS050 Electric Handheld Scarifier
FS050 Handheld Scarifier

FS150™ Handheld Rotary Eraser

Handheld Scarifier
The SMITH brand FS150™ Handheld scarifier and diamond grinder is one amazing tool that accomplishes a variety of surface-prep applications on concrete, asphalt or steel surfaces.
FS150 Electric Handheld Rotary Eraser
FS150 Handheld Rotary Eraser


FS200D™ Portable Deluxe Scarifier

Portable Scarifier
Professionals and DIYrs choose the SMITH FS200D™ scarifier as a low-cost, lightweight, well-balanced, multi-purpose removal solution for controlled removal widths and depths with feathering surface finishing finesse on concrete, steel and asphalt surfaces.
FS200D Gas Scarifier
FS200D Electric Scarifier

FS209D™ More-Powerful Portable Deluxe Scarifier

The SMITH FS209D™ Deluxe scarifier removes faster with more power. A cost-effective, lightweight, well balanced engineered, multi-purpose removal solution, the FS209D™ offers controlled removal widths and depths with feathering surface finishing finesse on concrete, steel and asphalt surfaces.
Gas Scarifier


SPS8™ Original Rugged Walk-Behind Scarifier

Walk Behind Scarifier
Professionals and DIYrs select the SMITH SPS8™ or SPS8™ Deluxe scarifier as economical multi-purpose removal solution for controlled removal widths and depths on concrete, steel and asphalt surfaces.
Walk-Behind Scarifier
Electric Walk-Behind Scarifier-Grinder

SPS10™ Deluxe Multi-Use Surface Preparator℠

Surface Preparator Machine - more than just a grinder
The Professionals #1 Surface Preparator℠ on the market, the SMITH SPS10™ or SPS10™ Deluxe removes everything, everywhere there's concrete or asphalt with controlled removal widths, depths and finishes.
Gas Powered Surface Preparator

EZOFF™ Removal System

EZOFF Removal System
Helps you simply take it off 2X faster using your SMITH SPS10™ or FS300™ in the “reverse set-up” “Upcut Carriage” with a SMITH Sulky Power Sit-down Driver. With 10 styles of cutter removal tools for every type of finish, the EZOFF™ provides the most power and up-cut tracking control when scarifying, grinding, shaving or preparing concrete or asphalt surfaces.
EZOFF Removal System with SPS10
EZOFF Removal System with FS300

FS313™ Heavyweight Surface Remover

Surfacer for concrete and asphalt
Look for the all-new, redesigned, faster, easier, and smoother performing SMITH FS313 heavy-duty surfacer!
Surfacer for concrete and asphalt


FS351™ Self-Propelled Surfacer

FS351 Heavy-duty Self-Propelled Surfacer
Re-designed all-steel chassis with flexibility for use alone or with your equipment, lockable depth-control settings for consistent removal in the “impact zone℠,” up to 2x faster removal speeds with adaptable changes for diamond shaving, rotoplaning or carbide scarifying, re-designed vacuum pickup location to contain debris.
X3 Traffic Line Remover
Self-Propelled Surfacer

FS391™ Hydraulic Shaver, Planer, Scarifier Attachment

FS390h HD Shaver/Planer/Scarifier
The next generation of skid-steer attachments is here. The SMITH FS391 is designed to help hard-working contractors prepare asphalt and concrete surfaces with the right surface finishes.
FS391 Hydraulic Attachment

LNX8™ No-Groove Eraser Deluxe

Traffic Line Remover
When you need to erase-it℠ without grooves or undulations, professionals choose the SMITH LNX8™ Traffic Line Eraser to remove all coatings, traffic lines, thermoplastics, cold plastic, epoxy or paint coatings, oil, grease and high spots quickly on concrete and asphalt surfaces.
Traffic Line Remover
Electric Traffic Line Remover

X1™ No-Groove Power Eraser℠ Attachment

Traffic Line Remover
The SMITH X1™ skid-loader attachment is an easier faster removing, no-groove dry eraser skidloader attachment, offering a variety of removal tools to erase stripes or surface prep on asphalt or concrete surfaces.
X1 Traffic Line Remover

X3™ Triple Head No-Groove Power Eraser℠

Traffic Line Eraser
The SMITH X3™ Triple Head No-Groove Power Eraser℠ removes thermoplastic, cold plastic, epoxy or paint coatings 3X faster – without grooves or undulations – for the best surface finishes on concrete or asphalt using any high-flow skidloader, or it can be mounted to your vehicle.
X3 Traffic Line Remover
X3 Traffic Line Remover


MaxiVac™ HD Dust Collector

When you want to remove it dust-free, add the SMITH brand MaxiVac™ HD Dust Collector to your grinders, scarifiers, line removers or saws. A powerful, rugged, versatile and reliable companion for any dust producer, the MV™ Collector can be tow-behind or positioned for your desired removal operations. These powerful machines are available in a variety of models.
MV5.5 Gas Vacuum
MV5.5 Electric Vacuum
MV360 Vacuum
MV300S Vacuum
MV5500 Vacuum

SR-25™ Sulky Driver

The all-new SMITH brand SR-25 Sulky Driver increases the productivity of any walk-behind machine with a push handle (i.e. striper, line remover, grinder, saw, broom, vacuum system, etc.). When you need to do it faster, the SMITH SR-25 Sulky Driver simply drives your walk-behinds faster.
Sulky Driver
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