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SMITH takes pride in providing the best customer support in the industry. Others in the industry use SMITH as the marker of superior customer service.

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"We removed the whole main ramp (of markings) with the X3 (Rotary Eraser) and are very happy with the finish, way better than other equipment out there."
K. Miller, Capital Regional Lansing Michigan Airport

"I was impressed visiting your factory today. When my customers asks what separates SMITH from the competition, I tell them in three words, Quality, Quality, Quality."
Tom Birt, Concrete Restoration Specialist, Jon-Don

"It was a pleasure meeting you (at the concrete show). Out of everyone who I met at the convention, you were the most inspirational. Thanks for your time"
J. Long, Jag Company

"We buy SMITH because they are a respectful professional manufacturer that supplies our surface-preparation equipment and cutter tools. They always follow through on their delivery promises"
B.Griffin, Blue Eagle Rentals

"We are a rental company and used to rent MK scarifiers, until several years ago when we bought a SMITH. My mechanic loves our SMITH FS200 because when we rent it out, it is returned just as it was originally rented, without any problems. We will take two more SMITH this year."
Marvin, Equipment Rentals of Hawaii

"We love the SMITH SR-25 that we purchased at National Pavement Expo. The machine outperforms the Graco model, and would encourage anyone interested in buying one to contact me directly."
Gene Terronez, Sooner Site Services

"Hace un tiempo atrás adquirimos un escarificador SMITH SPS10, el propósito era ayudarnos en nuestras tareas de remoción de termoplastico y pintura acrílica, realmente este equipo supero nuestras expectativas, por su velocidad de remoción y rendimiento, desde esa fecha ya no hacemos remoción de senalizacion de manera manual y usamos los equipos SMITH para remover en la ciudad de Santa Cruz - Bolivia, estamos muy contentos con el equipo SMITH y sobre todo con el suporte técnico en español que de manera constante brinda SMITH Manufacturing."
Ing. Rodolfo Guzman, Via Color - Bolivia

"Our guys use the SMITH LNX8 to remove thermoplastic on our stripe removal projects. Although we own a barrel-style grinder, the LNX8 takes up thermo faster and leaves a great finish."
Ryan Champion, Arrow Line Markings

"We want to commend you and your company for the way you processed our RFQ. You provided complete and timely information, which enabled us to provide an accurate response for our customer. You are very professional, and your company is among the best suppliers we have encountered in our 19+ years of serving government agencies in Texas. We look forward to our next project."
David Yablonski, Baytech Supply

"I used to own the TLR7 and now will only use the SMITH LNX8 Eraser because it works better, removes faster and parts last. The SMITH LNX8 machines beat the TLR7 from EDCO hands down."
B. Patterson, BP Markings

"We purchased the X3 Eraser to remove thermoplastic and tape in workzones instead of using a waterblaster. After we received the machine, we took the 45-minute training webinar with our mechanic and operator, which we found very helpful. The machine works as advertised, and is saving us a lot of time and money."
Brian Thompson, Keeley and Sons, Inc.

"After witnessing the SMITH X3 Demo removing thermo on SR811, I was expecting the old asphalt open g-rade surface to crumble when you were erasing. I was very impressed with the surface finish. It was very smooth and not grooved like a traditional grinder (scarifier). A water blaster would have broken up the surface."
James, Florida Dept. of Transportation

"Our SMITH SPS10 exceeds our expectations for grooving surfaces 1/8" deep to recess pavement markings. I'm pulling the machine backwards, and the diamond blades provide a consistent depth, width and finish to meet 3M tape specs. The SMITH diamond shaving drum is a cost-effective tool for our asphalt and concrete groove-inlay projects."
R. Toress, Contractor Services

"We use the SMITH SPS10 to groove-inlay 3M preform tape crosswalks on city streets and contracts out the same work because it is the most cost-effective solution for year-round pavement markings we have found. The SMITH machine has been working for over 10 years as a groove-inlayer, and it doubles as a sidewalk grinder - eliminating our sidewalk trip hazards."
Marc B., Brooklyn, MN

"I use the SMITH SPS10 with EZOFF to groove-inlay stripes below the snow plow line and love the maintenance-free operation, including never having to grease bearings. They last for over 4 years vs. replacing every season."
Steve C., Groove-Technology

"Very dependable, great service, excellent vendor relationship."
Karl R., ACKA

"I love my SMITH FS200 for removing legends, stop bars and arrows. The machine is fast and the finish is great. It performs much better than my previous Von Arx FR200 model."
Wes F., Hesperia Markings Dept.

"Thank you very much for helping us get started with a stripe remover (the SMITH FS209) that we needed real badly. The Graco model we looked at costs too much, looked like a paint striper with a grinder inside of it, and could not do the job as well as the SMITH."
Joe Savage, 15-years with Jefferson City

"As the mechanic and operator of our stripe grinders, our SMITH SPS10 is a better-performing machine than the new Graco Grindlazer upcut machines. The Grindlazer engine is always in repair, the Grindlazer bearings wear out, the Grindlazer front wheel and frame doesn't allow us to remove the stripe against a curb, and the Grindlazer doesn't cut deeply enough to remove the entire stripe. On a recent 13-mile removal project, the SMITH removed 2X faster than the Grindlazer, because the SMITH removed cleaner and took off more materials, leaving a better finish."
J. Beatty, Signs and Barricades

"I had known of SMITH Manufacturing for many years, visiting them at ATSSA almost yearly since 2008. I had opted to rent scarifiers for line removal jobs, until a big project came on. After renting for days on end, changing cutter-drums on a weekly basis and having my crews complain of back pains after a couple of days of using regular drum-type scarifiers for thermoplastic line removal, we decided to purchase a SMITH LNX-8 "No-Groove" Line Eraser. Lo and behold - problem solved! Line-removal jobs (particularly thermoplastic) are done quickly, my crews fight to use the LNX-8 if they need to remove thermoplastic markings, and after 80 hours of use, the cutters show little wear. SMITH 's Customer service has also been beyond expectations. We are now looking at purchasing another LNX-8 and probably an X3 unit for airport work."
Hector D., RoadMrks Corp

"We purchased the SMITH SPS10 with Strip-it cutters to replace our Tenant machine to remove thermoplastic markings on asphalt. Great machine that I would purchase again."
S. Pepper, Fort Wayne Signs and Markings

"The LNX8 is working beautifully. Tell Steven I am hitting my head with a hammer for not having purchased one of his units years ago."
H. Davila, Roadmark

"We doubled our productivity and doubled cutter life with a simple upgrade to our existing EDCO CPM8 to the SMITH SPS8 Deluxe."
T. Brock, InnIndustrial Coatings

"I own an EDCO and General disc grinders and I purchased replacement 5-edge diamond bushed block segments from SMITH. It costs me less to use SMITH, and I get more speed and more life."
Perry Adrwish, All American Concrete

"Very pleased with the shipping process. All the equipment was packed neatly and strapped on skids, very professional."
Tyler Macey, Signature Concrete

"I purchased a new SMITH SPS10 with a fine finish "Strip-It" drum for an airport stripe-removal job. I was very happy with the machine and the job it did, and my customer was also very satisfied with the finish I left them. We did 850' that evening, and it was the first time I ever used a scarifier. I also learned a little trick to get rid of the outside edge of the cut path – I went over it very gently, and the 4-n-1 cutters were able to bevel the edge and clean up the look of my job. I am looking forward to trying out all the other custom drums that are available for my SPS10 as well."
Paul Cartwright, Paul Cartwright Construction

"We purchased the X3 Eraser to remove thermoplastic and tape in workzones instead of using a waterblaster. After we received the machine, we took the 45-minute training webinar with our mechanic and operator, which we found very helpful. The machine works as advertised, and is saving us a lot of time and money. I'll be sending videos of the work we are doing."
Brian Thompson, Keeley and Sons Inc.

"Our SMITH "No-Groove" LNX8 erases stripes on concrete or asphalt."
P. Everite, SealLine

"We bought a SMITH from a recommendation and have been happy ever since."
R Wood, STC

"SMITH has the best machines and cutters period."
R Pendergrass, TrafMark

"We get paid extra using a SMITH for smoothing-down trip liabilities, removing oil spots, cracks and built-up pant lines."
D Dario, Seal & Stripe

"Our SMITH X3 Power eraser/grinder was purchased for paint removal on the Flagler County Airport. We removed approximately 15,000 SF of paint, with an operating time of approximately 7 hours. The remover completed the project in a very timely manner and to the total satisfaction of the customer."
Todd Harrison

"We were on our knees with a diamond grinder, until we got the FS209 edger. Now, we remove paint and texture concrete up to 1/8" deep and 20 times faster."
R. Langford, Shotblast Flooring

"I just wanted to let you know our two SMITH SPS10 EZOFF systems we own are working extremely well for line removal. They work very well on our road jobs. Thanks for providing us with a machine that actually does what it is supposed to do!"
M. Marsh, Tennseall

"We are very satisfied with our SMITH FS300, and it performs as advertised. We have prior experience with an Edco machine to compare with, and the SMITH works better in a confined area with lower emissions, and also removes faster and easier with a wider cut path."
Tim Wright, AeroJet

"Our guys prefer the SMITH over the Graco or any other grinder because it is easier to use and removes stripes faster. When we first received our Graco, it was given to our company to try out to compare to our SMITH SPS10, and our guys loved the shiny new toy. It looked like our SMITH with a paint machine frame wrapped around it but after several days, the newness wore off and we found our guys using the SMITH instead of the Graco. The Graco was hard to maneuver, cant remove backwards, difficult to unlock and use the swivel wheel, the clutch burned up, and the handle components were very weak. We were told the machine's pneumatic tires dampened vibration but the machine bounced, had to keep the air filled and made certain to keep the front wheel locked since the machine was difficult to control the depth of cut."
Marc Tucci, lead supervisor, Southwide

"I love my SMITH SPS10 for milling high spots and coating removal on athletic courts. I use SMITH cutters on my Edco scarifier because they last longer. I will definitely buy another SMITH Machine when we need one."
John Hentschel, Hentco

"I have been buying cutters and drums for my CPM8 for years until I learned you were the direct manufacturer for the SPS8, which blows the CPM8 away. Now I buy all parts for my CPM8 directly from SMITH at better prices and great service. Keep it up, SMITH."
Jerry Keller, United Rentals

"I have the SMITH FS200 (that) we use for paint removal with the Flail-it and Strip-it cutter drums. I use the Flail-it drum for prep to open up the surface for re-painting, and the Strip-it cutter drum assembly for smooth paint removal on the final surface. We just ordered the SMITH SPS10 because we have a lot more removal work, and need to remove faster."
Bill Vann

"The Removal Selection and Cutter Guides helps me better prepare and win bids."
T. Dunn, WildStriping

"Thanks SMITH, we are glad we met you 2 years ago at the Rental Show. You saved us a ton of money with cutter and drum consumables since then."
M. Bolt, Aztec Rental

"We buy SMITH cutters and drum assemblies for all of our scarifiers and grinders because they last longer and cost less. As a bonus the SMITH customer service is the best in the industry."
Mike K., Aero Rental

"I have been the one using your product the Sulky Driver. I would like to say that this product has been very useful with our stripe removal machine (LNX8 Power Eraser), and will be used with our stripe machines in the future. Your machine is easy to start, powerful during operation and rides smoothly when maneuvering. We have also been using the Sulky Driver in tandem with a MaxiVac collection machine to collect the debris when using the eraser machine. The MaxiVac unfortunately is very cumbersome when connected in tandem with the Power Eraser and the Sulky Driver."
Salvador B., USMC

"We were so pleased with our SPS10 diamond grooving drum that we added the FS350 self propelled diamond groover to our fleet and doubled our productivity."
Jerry Willamette, Surfaces Concrete, Inc.

"Easy to move, easy to use. Living in a big city, storage and mobilization is a problem. That's why we own the SMITH SPS10."
Nathan, Vantage Contractors

"Saves time over diamond grinding with the option of using 110 and 220 power. We use it to remove the crown off of concrete floors. We love how fast the machine preps."
Jeff Zavri

"The FS350 is more compact with a wider cut path than my Shavemaster."
Thomas Nissen, Nationwide Group

"SMITH cutters and drum assemblies are perfect to create an antique look for our concrete pavers."
Hannover Manufacturing

"I bought a SMITH FS200 at World of Concrete."
Hans Tegebo

"My Smith FS350 self-propelled electric scarifier is the most powerful machine i've seen for scarifying and heavy removal."
Michael Huntington, Asbestolith

"SMITH Manufacturing has proven to support not only its removal products, but also its removal equipment, for the millions of feet we have successfully completed using them."
Accent Striping

"I use the LNX8 to erase thermoplastic paint from asphalt and concrete. It is the easiest and fastest removal method."
L. Leiva, CNK Co.

"I use my SMITH SPS8 with a carbide scraper drum assembly to remove paint markings off airport asphalt taxiways."
Ken Hosang, K&S Inc.

"I have been telling myself for a long time that I need to start giving credit to all the people in my life that help me get it right. 2011 was a great year for us, all due to my 5 incredible guys and my 4 SMITH's. Together we have the best pavement grooving and stripe removal operation in the striping industry. Thank you SMITH for helping us earn more this year by providing us with the easiest and fastest removal tools and support."
Mike Olson, Streetwise

"We made a ton of money this year using our SMITH EZOFF SPS10 to groove-inlay tape into asphalt and concrete. In Sept 2011, our Grooving Crew grooved-inlayed and installed 28,850 SF (4”), 19,440 SF (6"), 6,750 SF (12") 3,980 SF (24"), 847(Turn Arrows), 24 (ONLY), 189 (Bike Symbols), 14 (RXR Symbols) pavement marking tape."
Mike O., Streetwise

"We maintain McDonalds parking lots and our SMITH FS200 with the 4N1 Strip-it cutters strips off the paint on the concrete pads with a perfect profile leaving no marks. Its the perfect size for our operations taking up litter space in our equipment trailer."
J. Sadler

"The reason we stock an extra cutter drum assembly and wear parts kit for our removal equipment is the obvious, we can't be down. Our customers count on us to paint their lots at the last minute. If we don’t have the supplies for possible breakdown, we can't finish the job. Our jobs need to be completed at night so the business can re-open in the morning. We stake our reputation on getting the lot completed on time. Not finishing on time is never an option."
E. Rangler, ParknMain

"The FS390h is a very versatile and easy to use peace of equipment. Mine is mounted on a CAT262B and I was very impressed with the FS390h and would recommend SMITH equipment to anyone and the customer service makes it easy to do business over and over with SMITH Manufacturing."
Sonny Younce - President

"As a direct manufacturer SMITH offers our company best pricing and great service. I trust Steven Smith, who as a former striping contractor and former President of Pave-Mark shares his vast experience to make the very hard work of removal, much easier."
B. Kolbe

"SMITH has every style cutter drum for my equipment."
L. Rumaniares, Equipment Specialists

"My guys love the SMITH Gas X3 Eraser which we attached to the side of our truck to remove striping fast, easy and safe."
B. Courtney, Carolina Markings

"I just purchased my first SMITH SPS8 Deluxe and added it to my fleet of 6 – CPM8 scarifiers. I am happy to report that the overall quality, productivity and operational cost of our new SMITH is superior to the CPM8's and plan to purchase only the SMITH's in the future."
J. Whitney

"SMITH Manufacturing has offered our company great service ever since we purchased our first SMITH machine and cutters back in 1990. Over the years, the SMITH brand (ultra-premium grade) cutters & (high performance) removal equipment have helped our operations profit by allowing our workers to take it up faster with the surface finishes our customers expect."
D. Simpson, Vector Group

"I am very pleased with the performance of my SMITH FS050 handheld scarifier. They are a very useful prep tool and will be adding more to my fleet."
D. Simpson, Vector Group

"I love working online and doing all my business electronically. Your website makes it easy for us to get what we want fast."
Peter T. – Arkansas

"Whether we Surface-Prep, Groove-Inlay or Remove Stripes, we have confidence that our SMITH will help us get through the job done on time and under budget."
T. White

"I purchased the SMITH FS200 deluxe because of the exclusive feathering wheel which helps our crews improve surface finishes. My Husquarvana scarifiers can't do the work we want it to do."
Rick C. with Fort Smith, AR

"I highly recommend the high quality SMITH SPS10 Scarifier and SMITH gas powered dust collector since it performs as advertised. The SPS10 levels cement surfaces and any existing surfaces or floor coverings. The SMITH ultra-premium Flail-it cutters offers an excellent surface-prep profile."
L. Bruelman

"Often times we only communicate the problems or non-conformances that we encounter, it is nice to share the success stories also. Attached are the first shipment audit of the Powrdriver and the latest shipment received today, as you can see the hard work and teamwork has paid off. No issues to report with the latest shipment and I wanted to say – Job well done!"
J Berger Quality Engineer, Wagner

"I own a Line Driver and a SMITH Sulky Driver. The SMITH is easier to see because I sit higher when painting or grinding. The compact seat over engine design protects the engine during transport and the electric start sealed battery offers quick start-ups. Thanks SMITH."
P. Drucker, APC Construction

"I own the FS200 with a 110 electric motor to remove epoxy from concrete containment areas. I used the Removal Selection Guide to select the right cutter and drum set-up for a CSP3 finish and selected an all cutter, no spacer set-up with ultra-premium grade 5 spike CF2514 carbide flail-it cutters. Not only am I achieving the CSP3 finish the machine works flawlessly and my operators and foreman are very pleased. Thanks."
Craig Paris, NACE Coating Inspector Level-1 PPC Project Manager

"I have been buying the 5 segmented Ultra Premium Dymacerts from SMITH Manufacturing for use on my EDCO dual head grinder to remove epoxies and coatings to prep concrete for my decorative and polished finish and they have been lasting much (UP TO 30 - 40%) longer and leaving a more desirable (smoother) finish than the EDCO brand 4 segment Dymacerts. I AM NOW GETTING OFF THE JOB FASTER AND EARNING MORE WITH SMITH."
Jorge Bonilla of Concrete Artisans

"Douglas County Department of Transportation uses their SMITH SPS10  equipment daily to remove striping, Brad says it works "fantastic" and does everything it is suppose to do."
Brad with Douglas County Department of Transportation

"So smooth, it feels like the machine is doing the work for me."
T. Jones

"I have called SMITH Manufacturing 5 times and every time I was impressed with the level of service and detail I received from them. We are offering a training program for our company's employees and will be using their services to help us prepare the training for our scarifiers, grinders and line removers."
Chase with Genes Striping

"The greatest stripe remover ever. Always fires up and we put the machine through the paces. Much faster than a sand blaster with the same results."
Cory with Curtis Clean Sweep

"My SMITH (FS209) has paid for itself over and over again. I couldn’t live without it. In fact, the (SMITH) cutters last so long, I am still running on the original set."
V. Feeks, AFD Contr.

"If you are looking for a contractor, rental company or do the removal work yourself, SMITH Manufacturing can help you find the right solution to achieve your surface preparation objectives on-time and on-budget."
S. Hendren

"SMITH Manufacturing is the company I call, when we have to remove-it faster, safer and more cost-effectively with better surface finishes."
C. Medane

"I always recommend SMITH to anyone looking for an easy solution to remove striping fast. I am a fan of their spot-on customer service and always impressed with their wide selection of cutters. Every year, I find some new innovation that keeps us competitive."
M. Allen

"Before starting any surface preparation job, we use this guide to assure we have the right cutters, equipment and personnel to complete the job on-time and on-budget."
S. Hendren

"We know it costs less to run our equipment with SMITH cutters and parts."
S. Vines

"I save money with SMITH diamond saw packs. They cut dry, remove fast and last the longest."
L. Stedman

"Cutters may look alike but do not wear the same. We earn more on each job with the SMITH cutter vs. other brands."
M. Allen

"I do not own SMITH equipment yet but I buy SMITH cutters and drum assemblies for my scarifiers."
B. Feller

"Hands down, the SMITH hand-held cutter drums are indestructible and the SMITH brand FS209 is the best machine we own."
M. Klein

"Unbelievable, my SMITH is so easy to remove concrete sidewalk trips fast. In under 30 minutes, we reduced a 3" wall of terror to our senior citizens down smooth."
J. Santos

"Our SMITH has been a great money maker for our rental business. Its our toughest scarifier that rarely needs servicing with cutters that never seem to wear out."
R. Barry

"We use SMITH diamond grooving blades because they cost less to use and cut faster than any brand we tried. We groove miles of various cut widths of up to 8" wide at 200 mil deep. The last set of blades lasted over 690,000 LF on medium hard concrete at a running rate of 900LF/hr. No other company can match SMITHs performance and price."
G. Cheever

"I have been a fan of SMITH Manufacturing for over 10 years, SMITH has always provided excellent service, a great machine and even better cutters. I am impressed with SMITH and look forward to trying their next productivity enhancer."
R. James

"Anytime we need to remove pavement markings, we use our SMITH LNX8 Erasers first because our guys know the SMITH is reliable, gets the job done fast and everyone likes the results. We also own a TLR7 machine with SMITH cutters and replacement parts because the SMITH components are of a higher quality and are more durable than any other supplier. I also love the great SMITH service, getting the right parts delivered when I need them."
D. Lance

"We purchased a SMITH X3 instead of a waterblaster or grinding truck to remove the airfield markings on the island of Ascension, one of the most remote locations on earth. After many months of exhaustive research we concluded the Smith X3 equipment will meet the remedial expectations of the Air Force considering the beginning/ending surface conditions. Set up and operational confidence in the SMITH X3 allowed us to establish and achieve completion goals while flight operations continued. The final surface was removed of markings without unsightly grooving or undulations for same day re-stripe."
W. Kirk

"I always recommend a SMITH to my customers because of their excellent reputation as a first class cutter and machine manufacturer. They are also very knowledgeable and available to help my customer get the right cutter or part for the job."
H. Strange

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